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Guvera and Ice House worked together to develop the Guvera mobile application for Windows Phone. The application features a revamped look and UI that is clean, sleek and intuitive. With a music library of over 10 million tracks and an offering of unlimited streaming, it was imperative to build a fast and responsive application that could meet user demands head-on. Ice House embraced the challenge and delivered an application that achieves all of that and more.

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Mobile Solutions

We sketch, prototype, develop and ship beautiful mobile solutions. Having worked with startups to Fortune 500 companies, we’ve got the knowledge and expertise to take on a vast array of projects. Whether it be iOS, Android or Windows Phone, we develop engaging mobile experiences across all platforms and devices.


Cloud Solutions

The success of any application comes down to architecting a powerful and robust backend system that provides speed, scalability, and accessibility. We think big before we think small and we plan to scale from the start.  Its the difference between supporting millions of users and seeing them depart in droves due to bandwidth or speed issues.


Analytics Solutions

Analytics are the cornerstone of any successful mobile strategy.  We take the time and put in the effort to get to know your users and their behavior so we can analyze, optimize, and contextualize the end user experience.  At the end of the day, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.


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The Benefits of Design Sprints

One of the dilemmas of design is that it is often perceived as being incompatible with scrum or agile development. As a designer, I was used to the waterfall process where design is done beforehand with complete specifications and guidelines, before being handed over to the developers. The problem with this is that design takes a lot of time and can potentially delay actual software development depending on time needed to complete the design phase. With agile development, it’s imperative to get started quickly and fix things along the way.

At Ice House, we implement the agile development method, which runs on 1-week or 2-week sprints. We do this to manage the changing expectations of the clients and their products. Design is by nature iterative, but it has a different process from software development. We try to get design and development in one line, and that can be achieved by designing in parallel with prototyping: Deliver enough design assets and flow, then spend the rest of the time iterating hand-in-hand with the developers. In JIRA, the project management tool that we use, each story can have relevant design assets directly attached or we can have a centralized location for all design deliverables, for example in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder. We can then have the link attached to each story.

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