Death of the iPhone Jack – Why it was probably a good idea

As you’ve probably heard, Apple has released the 7th version of the iPhone. If you already knew that part, then you’re probably aware that the iPhone 7 is missing a key component that’s available in almost any phone: a 3.5mm audio jack (AKA the AUX plug), leaving Apple’s lightning port as the only means to connect any auxiliary hardware, including headphones. This is clearly a bold move, especially since Apple probably anticipated the negative feedback that soon followed. Now this isn’t the first time Apple has stirred controversy among its user-base, but when they do it’s usually for good reason. So with this in mind, it’s worth asking: why the heck would Apple remove such a staple feature from their flagship product?

Apple is looking towards the future, as all businesses should

As Tim Cook once said in an interview, “Apple is constantly focusing on innovating.” At Ice House, we believe that by removing the audio jack from the iPhone, Apple is promoting it’s vision of a wireless future, one in which users can remain mobile and move without the restriction of wires.

Some are calling this decision a conspiracy – Apple’s attempt at controlling the headphone-manufacturing industry by making the lightning cord an essential part of the headphone-build, or that Apple is trying to get consumers to buy their $159 Bluetooth headphones. But these critics usually missed the memo that each iPhone 7 is shipped with a dongle that allows wired headphones to connect to the iPhone 7 – a clear signal that Apple is NOT trying to force users to discard their wired headphones.

The point behind this is that Apple is doing what it takes to provide their customers with progressive options that benefit the customer experience, and we believe that apps can do the same with just about any business.

Adding to the customer experience

We created Ice House because we believe in a future in which customers can communicate with businesses with just a few simple taps on their phones. The average company today demands that their customers find their phone numbers on Google and wait 30 minutes before customer support answers their call, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

            With a mobile app, your business can communicate with your customers without the delay of making them go to their desks, open their laptops, and type in a website address. Instead, they’ll be able to request your services from any location just by downloading your app. With our services, your customers will find the experience effortless. Although we value business, we believe that business transactions should not interrupt the daily routines of the customer. Rather, we believe that business interactions should feel seamless, so that when your customers needs your service, you aren’t considered a chore – instead, you’ll be a helping hand that’s always available when your customer needs aid.


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