The foundation and stepping stones towards building advanced and innovative products.  A small investment in the big picture improves alignment and speed.


When the jello starts to congeal and vague ideas start to take shape.  It’s the process of defining in a precise way what you are trying to achieve.


This is when things get real and decisions must be made.  It’s the switch between visioning and execution.  It’s when things get hard.


Iterative development.   Products need to adapt to evolving markets, new ideas, and internal project factors, and Agile is the proven technique to balance change and focus.


It’s efficient to postpone certain activities until after the feature-development iterations are complete.  These pre-launch activities are addressed in the Polishing Phase.  Tune, Test and get ready to Take-Off!

Go live, Launch!

Launch is a critical time.  A down-to-the-minute plan is valuable to maximize impact and ensure a smooth day-one.


Because First Customer Ship is just the beginning.  We continue to monitor your product and enhance defects through customer feedback to ensure performance and reliability.