Go-Busway (Go-Jek)

Go-Jek is Indonesia’s leading tech startup. Founded in 2010, Go-Jek now employs over 300,000 motorcycle, car, and truck drivers throughout the archipelago serving millions of customers with a variety of ride-sharing, logistics, and payments services. Valued at over $3 billion USD with over 40 million app downloads, Go-Jek’s products continue to drive innovation in Indonesia’s startup ecosystem.


From on-demand cleaning services to mobile airtime top-ups, customers can access a variety of services through Go-Jek’s iOS and Android applications. It is essential that Go-Jek’s services to both riders and drivers are seamless through variable user traffic and often poor network latency. These variables, and others, make it absolutely necessary that Go-Jek deploy a top-quality product to maintain primacy in the Indonesian ride-sharing marketplace.

Go-Jek outsourced the development of its Jakarta public-transport “TransJakarta” service integration to Ice House. Users can simultaneously order a ride-sharing service to the nearest bus stop, view the public transport schedule in real-time, order a separate ride-sharing service for pick up at the destination bus-stop, and pay for all of these services through this Android and iOS product. Ice House delivered the finished product on time and on budget, meeting Go-Jek’s expectations and aiding them to expand their services and further develop their business.