Go-Tix (Go-Jek)

Go-Jek is Indonesia’s leading tech startup. Founded in 2010, Go-Jek now employs over 300,000 motorcycle, car, and truck drivers throughout the archipelago serving millions of customers with a variety of ride-sharing, logistics, and payments services. Valued at over $3 billion USD with over 40 million app downloads, Go-Jek’s products continue to drive innovation in Indonesia’s startup ecosystem.


From on-demand cleaning services to mobile airtime top-ups, customers can access a variety of services through Go-Jek’s iOS and Android applications. It is essential that Go-Jek’s services to both riders and drivers are seamless through variable user traffic and often poor network latency. These variables, and others, make it absolutely necessary that Go-Jek deploy a top-quality product to maintain primacy in the Indonesian ride-sharing marketplace.

Go-Jek outsourced the development of its event ticket reservation and purchasing service to Ice House. Through Go-Tix, third parties can list their events, which can then be browsed and purchased by Go-Jek users. The service’s backend manages the availability of times, locations, and seats for each event, preventing double bookings and ensuring a seamless user experience for all parties involved.


Go-Tix Backend Environment

Ice House delivered the finished product on time and on budget, meeting Go-Jek’s expectations and aiding them to expand their services and further develop their business. On the frontend the app was delivered on iOS and Android, the backend we integrated not only with the current Go-jek environment, but also with various ticketing services.