Guvera and Ice House worked together to develop the Guvera mobile application for Windows Phone. The application features a revamped look and UI that is clean, sleek and intuitive. With a music library of over 10 million tracks and an offering of unlimited streaming, it was imperative to build a fast and responsive application that could meet user demands head-on. Ice House embraced the challenge and delivered an application that achieves all of that and more.


Guvera approached Ice House to develop the Guvera mobile application for Windows Phone. With an offering of free and unlimited music streaming for millions of songs, Guvera has quickly become one of the top music-streaming services in Austrailia. The goal was to launch a Windows Phone app with a revamped look and UI to extend the company’s mobile reach.

A home-grown streaming service, Guvera recently relaunched with a new look for their web interface and mobile apps for iOS and Android. The main challenge was to take Guvera’s revamped look and UI concepts and translate them to the Windows platform’s Modern U.I. Style interface.

Experienced in developing applications across platforms and devices, Ice House worked closely with Guvera to port their new look over to Windows Phone. The result was a modern, sleek and intuitively designed app that features Guvera’s extensive and popular music-streaming features. Ice House and Guvera continue to work together on future mobile intitiatives.